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True View 

Integrates four key “buyer perceptions” and overall thoughts about your business via Net Promoter score.  Unlock information that will help you focus on what really matters.

Discovery Interview

Our research journalists conduct one-on-one surveys with existing buyers or lost prospects.  All buyer interviews are confidential and recorded for quality purposes.

​​Improve competitiveness with trueintel research systems


By the numbers

what you need to know

True Trend

Leverages multiple historical TrueView reports as data points to help reveal how buyers are perceiving and responding to your company over time.


TrueIntel Research Systems - Improving business competitiveness, risk management, sales performance,  through conclusive research.   

Research consistently demonstrates that pricing remains, by far, the largest decision driver for buyers.  This is particularly evident among government procurement.

It is more critical than ever to understand and address controllable opportunities to improve product capabilities, services, communication and engagement. 

True voice

A supplement to TrueView, the raw context of the recorded interview can help you gain access to the interviewee's TrueVoice.  Hear and learn buyer perceptions first hand.

Buyer Decision Derivatives

Source: TureView sampling of 2014 survey interview results