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"If you pick the right source, you can fast-forward."  -  Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO 

TrueTrend leverages historical TrueView reports to help reveal how buyer perceptions are changing over time.  Are buyer views changing based on corrective changes within your business?  We help you get these answers.

We believe the true value of our service is the TrueView Report; however, the recorded buyer interview (if permitted), called TrueVoice (MP3 format), provides valuable context for achieving a deeper understanding of the buyer's responses and their general mood. 

Our TrueView Report unmasks evidence that helps explains why your company was or was not awarded business. This concise report integrates the buyer's perceptions and overall conclusions about your business' PRODUCT, PRICE, POSITION, and PEOPLE; along with a simple Net Promoter score.

TrueView also captures the overall mood and disposition of the buyer.  Was the buyer emotional in any way?  And if so, were the emotions positive or negative.

TrueView strives to capture information regarding the logical and emotional drivers. 

True Trend Analysis
True Voice Recording
True View Report

Our research journalists are focused on conducting research survey interviews, not sales.  This non-selling objective puts buyers at ease,

Discovery Interview

Know Behavior & Perspective 

Find answers, Plain and Simple

thus yielding much greater openness and honesty.  This allows us to collect and document exactly what you need to know; plain and simple.

View your completed TRUE VIEW Report from any device. 

it's all about sales

Know the buyers' Perspective

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